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Powerfull Offline Tool
Bold flyers and leaflets,
that don't "fly out of hand"

Old school flyers and leaflets are the most commonly used "offline" advertising tool to promote any type of services and products.

Flyers Design
Although everything happens “online” today, old-school flyers and leaflets remain a very powerful “offline” promotional tool. Reason: not all customers are “online” and in some cases, you are interested in capturing clients who frequent a certain area.

Flyers and leaflets are generally used to promote any type of service or product, when you are interested in gaining customers who frequent a certain area (eg a cafe, a pastry shop, a neighborhood store, etc.)

Flyers and leaflets catch the “eye” primarily through an image and it instantly sends the message you want to convey.

Our designers ensure that the message you want to convey through flyers or leaflets produces the expected effects.

A successful flyer is one that quickly conveys information relevant to the client about your products/services.

What flyers and leaflets should contain:

  • A text message sent in a few words as possible;
  • It should have simplistic and elegant graphics;
  • Images correlated with services/products promoted;
  • Customer guarantees for the services you provide
  • A Call To Action – why that client should contact you
  • Your contact details and where is your store/business;

The delivery of the graphics for leaflets or flyers is done – ready to print. File transfer is done by email. So wherever you are, we deliver graphics promptly in the formats agreed by the printing company you work with.



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