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With over 15 years’ experience, Cunningham Building is an expert in new homes, renovations and commercial building projects.

The Cunnigham Building team was interested in updating their website but didn’t know who they should approach to take the lead or how to start the process. What they had was a vision, and luckily that’s all our team needs to get started.

When Cunningham Building team noticed their competitors had a clear and effective online presence, they started seeing the value in investing in their marketing and developing a new website.

Our Discovery Process dug into Cunningham Building values and competencies, process and their competitors with an analysis to identify the best approach for highlighting the brand.

After redesigning and developing Cunnigham Building website, the team instantly started to receive remarks of praise from their existing clients and new customers began to confidently take action with them online.

Just 6 months after the web redesign launch, the analytics showed a strong increase in engagement. Cunningham Building now has a peace of mind knowing that they have a team to consistently monitor, maintain and secure their site.

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We once had a client say to us ‘I feel like I hit the lottery finding you guys.’ Well that sums up how I feel about DesignUpgrade team. I couldn’t be happier with the experience and the results. And now we’re experiencing the peace of mind that comes with their continued monitoring and maintenance. 

Managing Director, Cunningham Building Services