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WeTranslate is a company that provides a full range of language services, with a team of +800 certified translators.

The Agency has a portfolio of +7,000 clients, for which they have translated over 90 million words, with a customer satisfaction rate of over 98%.

They provide professional services for their clients, such as: authorised, certified and legalised translations, notary services, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, audio / video subtitle, and  transcription services.

WeTranslate Design

After using their original website for 5 years, WeTranslate felt the need for a change in design and branding, which would better represent them.

Together with their team, we drew a completely new design, colors, logo, and graphics for each of the 70 pages.

We are super excited about the final result, focused on simplicity and a better customer experience.

The new text content and SEO optimisation, have generated a boost of new daily leads, which brings more customers and a better conversion rate.

WeTranslate Language

“We worked with DesignUpgrade on the new website for about 2 months and the results being really amazing. We are so happy with the new design, having a website made for 2021, which generates even more customers for us, every day.”

CEO, WeTranslate