Skip to content lets people control their environment by booking professional meeting rooms, with all the infrastructure of an office environment, on-demand. Reservations can be booked by the hour or day, removing the need for costly long-term leases. 

Meeting Rooms came to us looking for us to redesign their website in order to make it more user-friendly and professional.

MeetingRooms Design

The new Meeting Rooms homepage is elegant and user-focused. We prominently display a search box, prompting users to begin their property hunt.

The Listings page is clean and easy to navigate. The search form has additional fields, such as price range and radius in order to help visitors filter their search.

The new listings pages are impactful, with a hero section showing off a featured image of each property. We’ve broken up the main property information into easily digestible tabs. This means that information is easy to find, and users don’t have to do a lot of scrolling. 

As with all our web design projects, we gave every consideration to how the new Meeting Rooms website would display on a mobile device. Ensuring it loaded quickly and had an intuitive search were of utmost importance to the success of this project.

Meeting Rooms Homepage