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Upgrade Interior

Creating the entire website from scratch allowed us to exercise our strategic thinking capabilities in tandem with our best ideas on design. We defined a structure that communicates the expertise and achievements of the company. The landing page establishes credibility with a narrative that details Upgrade Interiors passion, experience, and services.

UpgradeInteriors Design

With an assignment to create a minimalist website, we focused on typography and a huge amount of white space, which reinforces the firm’s professionalism. The website had to follow a clean, simple visual style, but we still wanted to add something special that would personify the brand in a unique way.

Of course, all the content was not only optimised for mobile, but was also clearly imagined and crafted to ensure the same immersive experience you would get on desktop.

We matched a clean style, resulting in a more natural viewing experience for users. Blue is a color that connects well with the industry, so we used it for the sections where we needed to grab users’ attention.

The website features a fluid grid, with a fully adaptable layout on all devices.

“Awesome work. They did a fantastic job creating a premium feel on our website and design language overall.”

Director, Upgrade Interiors